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Pilot Aware

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Download the app indicate that you are active in a five mile radius. See and be seen by all other users. Send constructive, pre-scripted messages anonymously to help your flying friends have a better experience. Send custom messages to all users about evolution in conditions, traffic and also emergency situations etc. See and be seen in the “last known GPS location” area. Essential for locating downed pilots who are able to communicate their position and even those that are not. This is an essential tool for instructors, site and DZ/ airport managers and club officers. Nobody has the time or energy to communicate essential information to pilots every time that it is necessary. With Pilot Aware it’s as easy as two drop down menus. Each user has the chance to affect the positive outcome of every flying day by sharing insights and being a proactive member of the community. Even if you can’t imagine being a daily user of this tool, download it now so that you can be a resource for your flying friends on that one day when it really counts. Imagine the scenario. Someone is about to launch, take off or jump. You know that something is wrong. The weather is bad, you know that they shouldn’t go. You don’t know them but you pull up the app and there they are. Choose your discipline and search for the word weather. Here’s the message that you see. “conditions are not good right now, please wait for more favorable conditions” Click send. Your message just came across their phone as a push message, e mail or SMS. They don’t know who it came from but they know that somebody cares. Your conscience is clear. Say that you want to send a more direct message. Remember that their phone number and e mail are in their profile so feel free to make direct contact. Check the options. “the wind is way too strong and the direction is bad, it will likely be better later” Send. Nice work. Guess what - if you see it, so do others. The persons phone is blowing up. Nobody wants to see them take flight right now. They take the hint. Phew.
Something is up. A jumper or pilot is missing. The first thing you do is pull up the app and see if they are activated for the flying day. If they are, then you can see their position and you know their aircraft color and make PLUS their phone number. No reply. You want spread the word so you send a broadcast message with custom text as you look for their last know GPS. In a matter of moments, you accessed their phone number, confirmed their aircraft, sent a message to everyone and you have their last know n GPS. Time is of the essence.
You jump in a car and drive to their location. They are fine. They landed out but there are no worries. Another broadcast message, everything is ok. Having pilot aware and using it feels good. Say that you aren’t the type to take your phone with you. You leave it in the car when you jump or fly. No worries. You activate the App anyway. At the end of the day, you have some alerts. “it looks like you are a little rough on your pre-flight - we suggest that a slightly more strict regimen thanks” Cool. You deserve that one. You clearly didn’t sample any fuel before take off. You didn’t even walk around. Busted. How cool that pilots can take care of pilots like that. Another one. “just a quick note - you looked great today and that was one of the sweetest and smoothest landings I’ve seen in a long time.” Sweet. “heads up to all pilots, winds are gusting to 35 mph 20 miles north of here. We recommend that people stay on the ground for the moment. This is a frontal passage and it won’t likely get better anytime soon”You just landed so it’s no big deal. Still, the broadcast message went out an hour ago. On your last flight/ jump, you were at pretty high risk of having to land in that 35 mph wind. Next time maybe keep the phone a little closer.